Construction Management Services (CMS)

1. Pre-engineering, feasibility studies and detailed project reports.

  • Collecting Field data – sketch, survey, follow up
  • Ground benefits – Basement possibilities, Road widening benefits, feasible utilization of FAR area.
  • Specific area benefits – Locality development study, focusing points on marketization.
  • Shortlisting of Architects, Structural Consultants – Studying market and narrowing down as per market requirement, coordination.
  • Presenting viewpoints – Suggestion for 2BHK, 3BHK, commercial set up after market study and requirement.

2. Planning, BOQ Formation, Costing, Scheduling of activities and monitoring the same.

  • Planning – Specification study and Total project cost determination, Sale cost study and setup, Sales target, Project budget fixation.
  • BOQ – Item wise Bill of Quantities formation.
  • Costing – Formation of Ace, S/c Rate analysis and finalizing, Item wise project cost preparation.
  • Scheduling – Workwise scheduling, Daily Productivity reports, Weekly meetings with MOM circulation.
  • Monitoring – Workman productivity (Quantity of work done against amount paid), Workman motivation, S/c bill processing and verification.

3. Quality assurance, Quality control & Improvising conventional construction techniques.

  • Test reports (Cube test, Steel test etc.)
  • Consumption analysis.
  • Minimization of wastage.
  • Monitoring work as per standards and schedule.
  • Maintaining safety methods.
  • Proper housekeeping.
  • Adapting conventional and cost reducing construction methods.
  • Regular study of work procedure in site and setting new technique.

4. Finishing control.

  • Study and suggestion of material selection.
  • Tracking material procurement.
  • Monitoring precise work method.
  • Material reconciliation.